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Gameboy Zero Pocket Famitsu Shell Kit. This kit comes with the front X & Y button holes pre cut, button wells added, all the needed case cut outs including the battery bay cut out is all done for you. Also included in the kit are 4 black coloured buttons, D-Pad, plastic mirrored silver lens, full set of silicone pads & case screws.

This shell kit comes with all the parts you will need to house your Famitsu themed Gameboy Zero Pocket.

This kit is compatible with the Gaboze Pocaio and other DIY projects.

The Gameboy Zero Pocket Famitsu Shell Kit contains:

  • Pre cut white Gameboy Pocket Zero Case.
  • D-pad, A,B,X,Y Buttons, Power Switch.
  • Silver mirrored plastic lens
  • full set of silicone pads
  • 3D Printed Button wells

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