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Gameboy Zero 6 Buttons Sparkly Silver DMG Shell Pro Kit. This kit uses a custom cast Retromodding.com silver sparkly glitter DMG case with 6 front button holes pre cut & the button wells added and the battery bay is also pre-cut to fit a Helder Megabat.

Included in the kit is a 6 button GPIO / USB button PCB, which can be wired to your GPIO’s or soldered with a pro micro and used over USB, taking care of your button inputs. Another PCB included is a USB port / audio wheel board, with breakouts to easily solder your volume and extra USB port, all attached to our LCD Pi bracket making it super easy to mount these often tricky parts into your build.

Also included are 6 black DMG buttons, black D-pad,  black 3mm glass lens and a matching black start and select buttons and full set of silicone button pads.


Offered extra is a Joystick option with a button PCB pre soldered & programmed pro micro installed, PSP100 joystick, and the hole cut for it in the shell. Simply wire the PSP Joystick to the breakouts on the PCB, use the included adapter from the pro micro to your Pi & power supply.

This shell pro kit comes with all the parts you will need to house your Gameboy Zero & more, making this kit a perfect to start you off with your Gameboy Zero build.

The kit includes all the following parts:

  • Pre cut Retromodding.com sparkly silver Gameboy Zero DMG Case.
  • 6 Button Gameboy Zero GPIO / USB button PCB.
  • USB port & audio wheel PCB.
  • LCD Pi holder bracket.
  • Audio jack socket & bracket.
  • Black D-pad.
  • 6x black buttons.
  • Black start & select button.
  • Pre programmed & installed Pro Micro + breakout adapter (If chosen)
  • PSP1000 joystick + cut out. (If chosen)
  • Power switch.
  • Black glass lens.
  • Full set of silicone pads.

Please Note:

This is for a DIY build and NOT a Kite Circuit Sword.


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