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One Fully Built Clear DMG Backlit LCD Game Boy Pocket Lite Console with Pro Sound Mod & adjustable brightness. This is a fully built Game Boy Pocket with a backlit LCD, meaning the screen is super crisp (so no need for a bivert chip!) and also its backlit so you can finally play your Game Boy in the dark!

It also has a touch activated brightness control. Simply tap the top left of the screen to adjust the brightness! Also fitted is a Pro Sound mod giving you louder clearer sound!

Housed in a clear shell with DMG Style buttons and black D-pad, and a custom glass Game Boy Pocket lite lens.

  • SPECS:
    • Clear Game Boy Pocket shell.
    • Backlit LCD Screen with adjustable touch brightness control.
    • Pro Sound Mod
    • Black D-pad, DMG Red A/B buttons & power switch.
    • Custom Game Boy Pocket Lite glass lens
    • New model ID/serial number stickers


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