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Helder’s Gameboy Zero RetroPSU

This is the PSU (Power Supply Unit) board for all your retro modding needs like making a GameBoy Zero and more with any of the Raspberry Pi products and it’s Clones like Orange Pi, Banana Pi etc. This board has loads of features packed into such a tiny PCB.



  • 97% efficiency at full battery charge (4.2v)
  • 93-95% efficiency at 3.3v to 3.6v battery charge
  • Outputs up to 3.5A @ 5.20v
  • Small Size of 23.5mm x 34mm (slightly smaller than the PowerBoost 1000C)
  • Enable Pin to turn off the boost portion just like the PowerBoost series boards from Adafruit
  • Charge/Charged LEDs with optional pads to mount LEDs elsewhere.
  • TP4056 1A charge IC to charge a Lipo battery
  • ADS1015 for battery monitoring using the I2C pads & AllForOne software
  • Analog Stick support ( psp1000 work perfect)
  • Multiple Outputs , 2 to be exact so you can run wires to multiple devices (use 24AWG to get the full amperage!)
  • Multiple Inputs, Micro USB to recharge the battery and input pads if you want to solder to another input source.

This item works great with Helders Megabat

Click here for the install guide and software.


This item is not available for purchase in the US from this site please click here to visit Helders site if you are in the US to purchase.

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