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Gameboy Zero PocketPi FE Full Kit, With this kit it includes EVERYTHING apart from a Raspberry Pi0W & Micro SD Card, so you can build yourself a fully functioning PocketPi FE.

The kit includes a fully soldered PocketPi FE PCB, Pre Cut Case & buttons, Screen, Battery, Glass Screen Lens, Wireless Charging Cart, Shoulder Buttons Bracket & buttons! All you have to add is a Raspberry Pi Zero W & Micro SD Card. Making it a perfect DIY Project with minimal soldering needed.

Our kits came in various shell options so check out the pics to see what they look like, if you want a custom version please choose Custom from the drop down and drop us an email with your Order Number and what you want 🙂

Once fully built you will have a Gameboy Zero PocketPi FE with the following features:

PocketPi FE Specs

  • Fast 320×240 high contrast ratio and high viewing angle 2.6” Screen. The size really helps make text heavy games like Pokemon so much easier to read.
  • i2S Audio. The best audio you can squeeze from the Raspberry Pi. It’s also Stereo mixed into both channels rather than opting for mono only.
  • On-Screen Battery monitoring. See exactly how much time you’ve got left to play with an on screen battery monitor and automatic safe shutdown when the battery gets low.
  • Safe Shutdown. Switching the Pocket to ‘off’ doesn’t just kill the power, it safely shuts it down (This avoids corruption of SD cards that can occur with sudden power cuts. It also comes with a safety button that will cut the power, just in case).
  • Optional Full HDMI out for connection to TV’s & Monitors.
  • Wireless Charging
  • L&R Shoulder Buttons, We have added solder ports should you wish to add back buttons to your build.

Kit Contents

  • Pre Soldered PocketPI FE PCB
  • Pre Cut Case
  • 2.6″ 320×240 LCD
  • Custom Glass Lens ( Black, Grey , Silver) depending on your chosen kit.
  • 2000Mah Battery
  • Full set of buttons
  • Shoulder Button Kit
  • Full 3d Parts Set
  • Wireless Charging Cart
  • Full HDMI Adapter

You can see some Demos on our Youtube here


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