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Gameboy Zero 6 button GPIO / USB Common Ground Pad & Pro Micro Installed

This button pad features 6 front buttons, and 3 shoulder buttons giving you a total of 10 buttons in all!

The Pro Micro is already installed for you and programmed as a 6 button pad, Simply connect via a micro usb cable to your Pi data pads / 5v power or port.

There are drill marks in the extra buttons making drilling them nice and easy.

Joystick support is also enabled so you can connect a joy stick by wiring the X axis to the A0 pad on the Pro Micro and the Y axis to the A1 pad on the pro Micro, then hook up the Power and GND on the joystick. Or if you have received the v2 of this pad, use the labelled pads on the back of the pad to wire the PSP stick to.

The pad also comes with a 3d printed 6 button well to slot your buttons in place and a USB adapter to wire it to your Pi.

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