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One Fully Built 6 Button Classic Red Transparent DMG Kite Circuit Sword Lite Gameboy Zero. This is one of Kites Circuit Sword Lite Kits all fully built ready to go!

Housed in a transparent unbranded DMG shell with no logos or letters. It has a 6 front button set up which are classic DMG Red NES style buttons, dark grey NES style dpad, classic grey custom style glass lens, a grey Gameboy cart and all powered with a Helder 4500Mah Megabat giving you those extra hours of gameplay. The brackets and button wells are also glow in the dark.

Also comes with a 32GB Sandisk MicroSD pre set up ready to turn on and play!

Circuit Sword Lite Specs

  • Built-in Raspberry Pi Zero header
  • Built-in GPIO button controller
  • Built-in status LEDs (Power, Charging)
  • Built-in 1.5A charger and load balance chip
  • Built-in 2.4W amplifier and headphone jack
  • Built-in volume wheel
  • Built-in battery monitor
  • Built-in safe shutdown circuit
  • Built-in emergency shutdown circuit
  • Built-in full-sized USB port
  • Built-in micro USB port
  • Built-in USB audio chip
  • Built-in DPI LCD connector
  • 320×240 DPI LCD
  • 8ohm 2W speaker

Console Specs

  • Kite Circuit Sword Lite AIO
  • Raspberry Pi Zero W
  • 32Gb Mirco SD Pre Set up with Kites Retropie build software ready to load and play
  • 320 x240 DPI LCD screen
  • Grey classic custom glass lens
  • Transparent unbranded DMG shell
  • 6 NES style classic DMG red buttons
  • 6 Front button set up
  • Classic grey cartridge
  • Helder Megabat 4500Mah battery


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