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Game Boy DMG-01 Custom Painted Nebula Sparkly Shell & Backlit Kit with custom cast nebula buttons, this kit is a full kit for backlighting and re-shelling your Game Boy DMG-01.

The shell is a half and half custom painted shell with a sparkly black space effect back and a transparent front, it comes with our custom cast nebula space buttons and a black matching silicone start and select. The kit also includes a matching dark grey glass lens.

Also included with this kit is a nice bright white LED backlight meaning you can play your gameboy in the dark finally! Along with a new adhesive polarizer and the included dark grey original DMG style scratch proof glass lens, giving you a much clearer picture than using a plastic one.

The kit also includes a resistor, this can dim the backlight a bit if you find its too bright and can also help extend the life of your backlight. We do recommend it, but it is up to you.

For instructions on how to fit this backlight to your Game Boy DMG-01 check out Colins awesome video guide here

Whats included:

  • Custom painted Game Boy DMG-01 nebula shell
  • Set of custom cast Nebula buttons
  • Black start and select.
  • D-pad and A, B button silicone pads
  • D-pad and power switch
  • White Game Boy DMG-01 backlight
  • Resistor
  • Adhesive Polarizer Film
  • Dark grey Game Boy DMG-01 Glass lens
  • Extra wire


This is a one off item, so when this one goes they are made to order, or when I have time to make another. However if you want one drop me a message I may have time to make you one 🙂

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