1. Case Mods

Drop the bracket into the case and line it up with the bottom notch of the cart slot, once its in there use something to mark the holes in the guide, I use a thin screwdriver point.

Gaboze Pocaio Gameboy Zero Back Shoulder Buttons Kit

Once you have made your drill marks use a step tool to drill to about 9.5mm go slowly and be careful near the end or your hole may be slightly too big!

Gaboze Pocaio Gameboy Zero Back Shoulder Buttons Kit

2. Button Installation

Once your holes are done and the buttons fit nice, pop the included adapters into your buttons and give them a gentle press in to make sure they fit then, drop the buttons into the case as they are in the pic below.

3. Tactile Installation

Now is a good time to solder your wires to the tactile switches before we drop them into the bracket as once they are in there room is tight.

I usually wire the top left pins to my input for the button and the the top right two pics to ground.

4. Bracket Installation

Now that your wires are all soldered on fit the tactiles into the bracket and flip over so it looks like this (make sure the shortest edges are lined up like mine).

Then push it gently into the slot like below

Hold the case shut and press the buttons to ensure they all press ok, then close your case up and you’re done!